100% Beef Cheesy Goodness

Classic Lasagna
with Garlic Bread

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Cuisine Highlights

Pansit Puti

Our Pansit Puti is must-try for any family occasion

Squid Sichuan

This best-selling dish highlights bold and unique flavours

Beef Rendang

Authentic Indonesian spicy meat dish that will satisfy your cravings

Garden Salad

A nutritious and healthy treat you'll surely won't resist

Suman sa Latik

An old Filipino favourite but given a unique twist

Korean Chicken

Undoubtedly great for parties and corporate events

Chef Liezl Gonzales, or "Chef Lizzy" for short, is a long-time aficionado of international cuisine. She has graduated from SKD Academy for Culinary Arts International School and has since toured around the world enhancing her culinary knowledge and skill set.

Besides being an international chef, she is also a small restaurant owner, a culinary professor, a TESDA assessor/trainer, and a food service consultant.

In her own restaurant, Chef Lizzy’s innovative menu is a mix of Asian, European, and American cuisine. Nonetheless, she has tailored it to the liking of Filipinos and what our taste buds has been accustomed to, in a sense that her dishes are based upon popular food around the country. Simply put, her menu consists of tweaked Filipino dishes, mixed with international flavors.

With her passion for the food industry, she is able to serve high-quality and delicious food, all while being pocket-friendly.

Chef Liezl Gonzales

Fried Spaghetti

Featured Testimonial

"We couldn't wait 'til dinner! Ang sarap ng luto nyo!"

- Dra. Mangahas

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